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Are grills on a volcano fire tastier?

Are grills on a volcano fire tastier?

 I can’t tell for sure, but many people endure the heat to get Volcano BBQ !!

I can’t say for sure, but there are many who can stand the heat to have volcano grills.

Did stone-age man enjoy grilling his hunts on volcano fire? A question that may never find an answer, but modern man has done so. In Lanzarote Island, one of the Canary Islands northwest of Morocco, El Diablo restaurant chefs actually make their barbeque over the heat of an active volcano, deep in earth.

Did Stone Age people enjoy their fishing on volcanic fires? A question that may never find an answer, but modern humans have. On the island of Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in northwestern Morocco, El Diablo chefs roast on the heat emitted from an active volcano in the ground.

Did stone-age man start grilling his hunts on volcano fire?

Did the Stone Age man begin to roast his hunting on the fire of volcanoes?

Of course, it isn’t like a lava-spewing mountain, otherwise they couldn’t get close and cook, but a hole in the ground, through which volcanic heat erupts from the depth of Earth. Temperatures just a few meters below the surface can reach between 400 ° C and 600 ° C.

Of course, it is not like mountain volcanoes that spew lava, otherwise they would not be able to approach it and grill it, but it is a hole in the ground through which the heat of the erupting volcano comes from deep in the ground. Earth temperatures may reach 400 to 600 degrees Celsius at a depth of several meters.

Warning of heat

restaurant logo, on wall, windows and tableware.

The restaurant’s logo is on the walls and windows and on the eating bowl.

Restaurant interior inside the restaurant

Volcano ground vents

Not on moon, but on earth; the volcanic Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park.

This is not on the moon but on Earth, the Timanfaya Volcanic National Reserve in Lanzorat.

El Diablo restaurant amid the park

Restaurant from far The remote restaurant

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