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Decisive ways to get rid of belly fat and burn belly fat in a short period of time

There are many questions about how to get rid of the rumen quickly, fat in the abdomen and buttocks is not a problem just because it spoils the elegance of the body, but in fact, the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area has a close link with heart disease and diabetes, and the phenomenon of abdominal drooping and the emergence of the rumen are among the most troublesome problems. Everyone, where fat collects in the abdominal and buttocks areas.

What is the main reason for the appearance of rumen and the accumulation of fat in the body?

The therapeutic nutrition consultant confirms that the story of fat accumulation begins in what is known as insulin resistance, as the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin in order to control sugar, and in the event that sugar, carbohydrates and starches are consumed, the sugar exceeds the permissible limit, and it becomes an excess of the insulin hormone, and the resistance journey begins, where In the areas where it is stored, the excess sugar will turn into fat, and the first area that is affected the most is the liver.

As a result of excessive intake of white sugar, the first appearance we will have is what is known as fatty liver, and then fat accumulates around the liver and abdomen, and the rumen gradually begins to appear, and gradually moves to the rest of the body.

The best solutions to get rid of the rumen?

There are several solutions that can be followed to get rid of belly fat and the rumen on top of it is to control the number of meals so that it does not exceed three meals, and it is best to stay on two meals and the difference between them is preferably eight hours.

“We must avoid starches in foods and carbohydrates, that is, reduce to the minimum number of baked goods, whether it is white bread, wheat or bran, or oats, and the move away is gradually, by replacing bread, with saj bread, that is, bread without yeast, which does not It contains yeast in its bread, which is less harmful.

Rice is allowed, but we must either soak it for half an hour, in hot water, or boil it once or twice, remove the starch-rich water, and then cook it properly.

Nutritionists also confirm that one of the most important ways to prevent the emergence of rumen, and the accumulation of fat around the liver and abdomen, is not to use vegetable oils, and to reduce the oils that we fry with, noting that it is okay to use olive oil with thyme, without exposure to fire, because the oils Vegetable, if exposed to hot, it gets hydrated, and our problem begins with the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, and therefore the alternative here, is municipal butter, and it gives a good taste to food, and at the same time it does not lead to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and liver.

One of the most important elements of nutritional behavior to remove the abdomen is the use of water with lemon, and eating fruits before eating, because fruits contain organic acids, which would prepare the stomach to receive the meal, and the other reason is the presence of fiber in the fruit, and thus helps to speed digestion, Whereas if we eat it after a meal, we will feel sluggish and saturated.

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