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The benefits and harms of coffee and the best time to drink it Information you may hear for the first time

Coffee is considered the favorite drink of many, and some people may feel frustrated and lazy if they are unable to drink it in the morning. Have you thought about its benefits? What are the effects that drinking coffee can have on your body? Follow us, dear reader, with this article, in which we provide you with important information about the coffee that many start their day drinking.

What does a cup of coffee contain?

A cup of coffee contains many elements, the most prominent of which is a substance called (riboflavin), which is the main substance in coffee, along with antioxidants, and magnesium, manganese and potassium are also available in coffee, in addition to caffeine.

When do we drink coffee?

We drink coffee an hour after waking up, for example when waking up at 7 o’clock, so drinking a cup of coffee is at 8 o’clock, and the reason for this timing is that when waking up we must give a timeout for the nervous system to take its status and calculations and restore its vitality, specifically we have a substance called (adenosine) which is similar Very high in the compound (caffeine), which is responsible for activity and vitality and is also responsible for fatigue in the late day or in the middle of the day if we exert physical or mental exertion or the like.

When taking a cup of coffee an hour after waking up as if I have completed the work of adenosine, which acts as a kind of stimulation, and thus gives the body vitality, mental energy, perception and memory, and all the beautiful things that pertain to the brain memory specifically, and this is what we always desire when we drink or When we choose a cup of coffee in the morning.

The second reason is from the inspiration of the Noble Qur’an, because this hour is an opportunity for you to eat breakfast, or eat anything, even if a date and a date are chewed, anything that is chewed according to the Almighty saying (and eat and drink), because eating precedes the drink, and therefore we are always keen that There is nothing to chew before the thing that is drunk.

Why should you drink a glass of water after a cup of coffee?

One of our customs and traditions is to offer a cup of water with a cup of coffee, and the scientific reason for this habit is that coffee is one of the strongest diuretics and thus works on dehydration, and therefore a cup of water must be drunk after consuming a cup of coffee, to act as a compensation for lost water and so that we do not suffer from Drought.

Damages of coffee on the skin?

Anyone who over-uses coffee and suffers from dryness or wrinkles in the skin early, know that the main reason behind these early wrinkles and dryness in the skin is excessive drinking of coffee without drinking a cup of water with every cup.

The most important benefits of coffee on the body?

In coffee there is riboflavin, along with tens or even hundreds of antioxidants, and this gives liver health in particular and helps to purify the liver from fats and toxins and also helps the liver to expel toxins from the body and thus it is always welcome.

Morning coffee and its benefits for activity?

What are the benefits of this coffee or what does coffee do after it is consumed or drank? Drinking coffee provides us with an activity that is estimated to be approximately 11 or 12% more than the amount of the body’s natural energy, meaning that it gives the body energy. He does a physical activity (he goes to a gym, for example, or an exercise program). He drinks a cup of coffee half an hour before going to the gym, so that he has more activity and a greater ability to do exercise, so this exercise will make it easier for him.

Coffee and insulin resistance?

Coffee works to raise insulin sensitivity, meaning that it makes insulin work with extreme precision and is very required, as we previously talked that it is the biggest problem that a person suffers from and is the reason behind diabetes, obesity, flabby belly and all these issues are insulin resistance, and we can say that this cup of coffee prevents insulin resistance On the contrary, more sensitivity and more sensitivity to this hormone ensures that it works with extreme precision, and works within the limits of this meal and works and stops at the right time, and therefore this is very wonderful.

Does drinking coffee really increase stress and anxiety?

There are those who feel nervous about drinking coffee, and these people are advised to have the last cup of coffee at five in the evening, so that there will be at least 4 to 5 hours between the time of the last cup and the time of noon, as it is very sufficient to remove this substance from the body, and thus it will not affect sleep

It also advises students who suffer from stress and anxiety while drinking coffee, to stay away from drinking coffee for the purpose of studying, and vice versa, whoever drinks coffee and actually wakes up and can resist staying up late, means that caffeine here has stabilized the substance adenosine and began to work, and the work of adenosine is energy, vitality and giving effort. Thus, the brain perceives caffeine as an adenosine and thus this person feels that he has produced energy to work or he can wake up, or he can do anything.

Coffee and Parkinson’s disease?

The very important aspect and the good news for Parkinson’s patients, patients with tremors, should consume coffee, drink it as a therapeutic principle more than moody, because it contains magnesium and manganese that provide us with a state of improvement of more than 23%, and this is a very wonderful number and sometimes we do not get it with medication The usual, this is a very nice thing

How many cups do we drink per day?

If we drank one cup a day, this is very good – let it be in the morning an hour after waking up, but there are those who ask what if we drink two cups? Good, we drink a cup in the morning and a cup in the afternoon. What if we drink three cups, this may be acceptable, but if we exceed this limit, it will be unacceptable.

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