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The Crazy House Hotel, a place like a fairy tale

The Crazy House Hotel, a place like a fairy tale

As if it is a residence of fairies and dwarfs.

As if it was a residence for fairies and dwarves in a forest.

Well-known for its weird and unique architecture, Crazy House is located in Dalat city, southern Vietnam, just 3.1 km from Train Station. It is a tourist attraction in itself, this quirky architecture project-turned-hotel looks like a fairy-tale grotto. The building has curves and crevices that resemble gnarled tree trunks, with flowers sprouting from the walls and strings of lights arranged to look like cobwebs.

Crazy House Hotel, or Crazy House, is known for its exotic and unique architecture. It is located in the city of Da Lat in southern Vietnam, 3.1 km from the train station. It is a tourist attraction in itself, as this strange architectural project turned into a fairy-tale cave hotel. Its buildings have arid-like curves and recesses, with flowers sprouting from the walls and strings of lights arranged to look like spiderwebs.

With a facade resembling gnarled tree trunks, this hotel feels like a fairy-tale setting.

With a knotty log-like façade, this hotel feels like a fairytale.

The hotel offers various types of rooms for guests who enjoy unorthodox alternative décor. Each room follows a different animal theme, with beds built into alcoves and oddly shaped windows making it feel extra quirky.

The hotel offers varied rooms for guests who like alternatives to traditional, committed décor. And each room has a different feature associated with a specific animal, and has beds built into the recesses and windows of strange shapes that make them look more exotic.

With its fairy tale look, no wonder it became a tourist attraction.

Like a fairy tale, it is no wonder that it has become a popular tourist destination.

Tourists go around what look like hollow tree branches.

Tourists marin inside what appear to be hollow tree branches.

Lights are arranged to look like cobwebs lighting strings arranged so that they look like a spider ‘s web

Curved doors and entrances doors and entrances curved and curved

Strange looking guest rooms guest rooms have fantastic forms

Rooms have animal themes room spirit and attributes associated with animals

Oddly-shaped windows making the place feel extra quirky.

The strange-shaped windows make the place look even more exotic.

Even the tables and stairs are strange, so the tables and drawers are oddly shaped,

toilets as well, and the bathrooms too


Underneath this octagonal cobweb-like dome is an even stranger indoor pool.

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