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The nightmare of forgetting in the exam .. Scientific methods help you restore memory and get the answer

I arrived at the exam hall ready for a confrontation, ideas seem coherent and easy, but when you saw the questions, all the information that you had studied evaporated, and you began the journey of struggle with memory, and the more you fight, the more you feel that your mind is empty of everything and that you live the nightmare of forgetfulness in the exam.

It is okay to not fall into this trap and forget the information and answers during the test. Learn with us in this article the causes of this problem and see the steps that you can take in order to better perform the mind during the exams.

Causes of forgetfulness or mental emptiness during the exam

Forgetfulness in the exam

Test anxiety has many negative effects on all students, regardless of their grade of school or how well they master what they study.

Forgetting answers and information and their absence from the mind in what is known as mental emptiness is one of the most common problems that the student suffers from, so he feels as if the information passes to him for the first time.

To understand what happens when we feel mental emptiness, we must know that there are three areas of the brain that aid in remembering, memorizing and assimilating. The hypothalamus is responsible for the type and quantity of hormones that flow throughout the body.

As for the hippocampus, it has an important role in retrieving facts and concepts, as if it is a door to memory through which information passes to enter the brain.

The third is the prefrontal cortex that controls and controls working memory, such as the ability to retain and process information, control emotions and make decisions.

When you enter the test while you are in a somewhat unpredictable state, you enter into a hot science of perception that operates when responding to clear threats or highly stressful situations.

When a threat is detected, the hypothalamus secretes key stress hormones, eliminating working memory.

As well as disrupting active thinking patterns in the hypothalamus. All of this impedes the ability to access old memories and distorts the visualization and storage of new memories.

In short, the body interprets the test as a threat and begins to respond to this pressure, so the mechanisms of recall or recall are disrupted, and all of this causes a mental vacuum that makes answering the exam questions difficult.

Steps during the exam that avoid


When you feel during your exam that your mind is completely empty , and that you have forgotten everything you read before the exam, and all your attempts to push yourself to remember and retrieve information, you did not find a benefit but rather have the opposite effect and will make the matter seem more complicated and exhausting, the first thing you have to do when you face this problem Accept it and acknowledge it. To come to terms with the idea of ​​rest and relaxation for five minutes during the exam without thinking about wasted time.

The reason is that if you try to continue in this state, you will get more tired and may lose all the questions that remained. Let the first priority be to calm yourself to get back and focus on the questions with a clear mind.

Meditating during an exam is a nice idea to recall the thoughts

Forgetting in Compliance: Meditation

When it comes to calming yourself down when you forget during an exam, meditation is one of the best techniques. It is very simple while you are in your place with the exam paper in front of you, do not let it control you and your thoughts.

Close your eyes a little, then watch your breath and inhale for three seconds, then exhale also for three seconds and take a few deep breaths as you did.

According to studies, regular breathing regulates the sympathetic nervous system, which controls anxiety and stress.

With deep breathing, this method will help lower your heart rate and reduce stress. Tension overcomes all attempts at thinking and remembering, and disrupts the prefrontal cortex.

Studies also indicate that feeling stress and anxiety reduces IQ and cognitive performance by 30%, which is why you forget many thoughts during the exam, and therefore taking a few seconds to meditate may help restore focus and forgotten answers.

Calm yourself down without having to think about the fact that you are really nervous.


If you are facing forgetfulness problems during the exam, all you have to do is practice self-talk, which is the hidden voice in your head that tells you many things.

Perhaps during the exam, you may hear him proclaiming that you will not pass and pass this test. The truth is, it is a very frustrating voice that never supports its owner and will not help you overcome forgetfulness during your exam.

The voice you need is the one that is effective in motivating and supporting you, and it is what you really need in these moments. Suppress the first voice and do not listen to it, and listen to the part that tells you that you are able to overcome these difficulties and that you will remember everything.

With meditation, breathing and focus, you will be given the opportunity to gain self-awareness about what your inner speech is, and this will contribute to overcoming forgetfulness and restore the memory of answering exam questions.

Water activates memory during the exam

Forgetfulness in the exam

Dear student, do not underestimate the importance of drinking water during your exam, and fortunately this is permitted in the examination halls.

Therefore, in order to get away from you the state of forgetfulness and forgetfulness and the escape of the answers from your hands, take a sip of water to stimulate your mind and fill the mental void that you may feel.

Although this is simple, it is an important factor in memory recovery.


The step that you can take after applying all of the above is to contribute to recovering the answer that escapes from the fear of the exams.

Pick up the exam paper again and start clicking on it and following it word for word, with the goal of finding something you remember. The goal here is to create a springboard for penetration of the mental block and to start opening up the memory again.

The simplest thing you can do is turn the paper over to find something that connects your thoughts and attracts the chain of information you missed.

If you complete an idea you know, this will help you relax, build your confidence, and open up your ability to think clearly during the test.

Answer a different question

If you find yourself stuck answering a specific question, skip it and move on to a different question.

Even when you keep answering, don’t think about it or listen to the voice saying that you haven’t answered an important question, and that will affect your scores.

Follow up step by step, and if you are from the group that prefers not to see all the questions at once, there is no harm in that, you can not look at the entire answer sheet so as not to confuse all the information. This can help you arrange your information properly.

Make a plan

The most important thing that can be done to cope with forgetfulness and flight of thoughts during the exam is to fully prepare for these moments and to develop appropriate plans for how to deal with the matter before it happens. By doing this, you will be enhanced with confidence and fortitude to deal with this mental vacuum that may affect you during your exam.

All you have to do now is write down the steps to take if you encounter these problems in the tests.

Pre-exam steps to avoid forgetting during it

Take a mock test the day before the exam

Doing a mock exam by solving the previous exam questions is very important and it is considered a useful way more than just reading and describing information in light of pre-test tension. This method rethinks you of potential logical questions that might match your exam questions the next day. Also, this method helps you discover gaps and fill them before the exam date.

Get enough rest the night before the exam

Forgetfulness in the exam

Physical rest the night before the exam is necessary before each exam, when you are deprived of sleep, your mind will struggle to recall and communicate information easily and this may cause you problems with forgetfulness during the exam.

Whatever your desire to stay up and review until the early hours of the morning, sleep will be more beneficial.

Eat a snack before the exam

Often times, hunger during an exam can cause your blood sugar levels to drop, so you will feel nervous, angry and mental fog. So, try to fix this beforehand and eat high-calorie snacks before your exam.

Dark chocolate, nuts and seeds are suitable options for snacks that provide you with energy and alertness before the exam. As for caffeine, it may make you nervous more so it is good to give it up during the exam.

Maintain your positive spirits

The most important thing that helps you to achieve good results is calmness, optimism and confidence, the results do not attach any importance, you are responsible for the pursuit and you are not responsible for the result, you have done what you have and studied and tired and now the time has come. Keep calm and trust your abilities.

Failed to remember? There is nothing wrong.

It is very simple, do not despair if you cannot remember what you studied; Despair is an excuse for the soul to stop trying.

As for reality, it says that it is only one test in your educational career, not the end of the world. I realize from my own experience that researching other options and rearranging ideas can help in getting past this stage.

You have done everything you can and cannot do anything else, so do not take this failure personally and remember that it is just an experiment that can be used as a means of improvement in future tests.

Think carefully about your mistake and how you can overcome it in a different way in the upcoming test. Once the test is over, there is nothing you can do but think about how to improve the next time.

Finally, studying with love is the most important methods to achieve the greatest benefit from knowledge and employ it in the exam and in practical life, and with some elaborate steps, remembering will be easy and its results will be as you wish.

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