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The Truth About Lizzo And Harry Styles’ Friendship

Harry Styles’ cover of “Juice” certainly caught Lizzo’s attention, and within a few months, the two had gotten together in person to perform the song.

Lizzo’s January 2020 performance in Miami Beach at the SiriusXM and Pandora concert had the audience screaming for joy when none other than Harry Styles himself dropped in. The two performed an incredibly high-energy and gleeful cover of “Juice,” which had the public talking not only about this perfect melding of artists but also Styles’ impressive (and unexpected) dance moves. It’s no surprise that Lizzo would kill it on stage with her iconic moves, but it was surprising that Styles could keep up with and accompany her as well as he did (via Rolling Stone). Needless to say, the vibes were immaculate (via Twitter).

Then, just one month later, the roles reversed and Lizzo covered one of Styles’ hits. She made her way to the BBC 1 studio to perform the rendition, seemingly following in Styles’ footsteps. She also decidedly reciprocated his love of covering music by performing “Adore You,” which was, of course, incredible (via L’Officiel). Despite these two singers’ music styles being relatively different, their abilities to flawlessly cover one another’s music really goes to show their respective range and talent as individual artists.

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