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Why Eric Clapton’s Boycott Has The Internet Fuming

The announcement triggered social media users, many of whom took the opportunity to speak out against Clapton and his decision. “People thought Eric Clapton’s ‘Farewell’ tour would be about him going away, but it turns out it’s about his audience going away — for good,” wrote one.

“Considering what this guy has put in his body over the years it’s surprising he draws the line at a vaccine,” pointed out another, referencing Clapton’s former drug use (via NPR). 

Even fans of Eric Clapton didn’t feel the need to defend the indefensible: “I am a longtime fan of Eric Clapton — I’ve been in love with him for decades, but this is bad messaging,” one Twitter user said. “The health and safety of the greater public MUST outweigh caving to those who refuse the shot. This IS a matter of life and death. You’re either for life, or you’re not.”  

Another fan advised the singer to stay in his lane, writing: “You’re a good guitarist, Eric, but leave epidemiology to those who are qualified. Don’t confuse fame with actual ability.”

But there were also those who defended Clapton’s boycott, like this social media user who commented: “Love this. Most sane people would agree that medical segregation has absolutely no place in America. People who are still afraid of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate can stay home.”

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